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What is a Color Team?

As of Elonthon 2020, all participants sign up to be a part of a color team upon registering for the event. Each color team consists of a group of our Duke Children’s miracle kids and families. To further embrace the Elonthon community, participants will be joined by the miracle kids and families as well as peers on campus on these color teams to dance, compete in games, and spend time together during event. 

As a color team member, you can anticipate the following: 

  • Miracle kids will be joining you on color teams. While each color will have miracle kids on their team, we encourage you to support and spend time with all of our miracle children and their families throughout the year and in-event!

  • A color team specific FTK shirt to wear in-event 

  • Exciting color wars competitions and incentives throughout the year and in-event 

  • An Elonthon team captain that will guide you throughout the year and be your point person for all questions leading up to the event

  • Color team fundraising challenges for Duke Children’s Hospital!

Meet the Miracle Kids!

Red Team Miracle Kids:
Hayden Zavareei, Cassidy Gosey, Elise Bromund, Lindsey Tew, Hannah Headen


Orange Team Miracle Kids:
Noah Gore, Addyson Lockwood, Amy Wolf, Ben Byers 

In loving memory of Leigha Martinelli

Green Team Miracle Kids:

Hannah Gosey, Eve Griffith, Josh Paryz, Tessa Kroninger, Jack Almeida


Blue Team Miracle Kids:

Josh Holdner, Connor Brienzi, Heath Tuttle, Jackson Wall
In loving memory of Jake Ingham


Pink Team Miracle Kids:

Caroline Laughorn, McKenzie Forsyth, Katie Haynes, Naomi Reeves, Audrey Connor

Purple Team Miracle Kids:
Kennedy Goodwin, Benjamin Pappas, Noah Brooks, Aubrey Parks

To register for a Color Team: 

  1. Go to the homepage

  2. Select ‘Register’

  3. Login using your existing username and password or create an account (for new participants)

  4. Join team: choose a team of miracle kids to join in event 

  5. Start fundraising FTK! 

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